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Im am a full time student at EMCC. I have this semester and then all of next year to finish my degree. When I done school I will have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and I will have or be close to my Ed Tech 3. I enjoy being around my family and friends. My best friends family is very important to me and I love those kids. Im not shy, or laid back, and I am up for anything.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 15 (based off Week 7)

Today a women stands crying. She sent her first child to school in 1995. Today her fourth child is going off to school in 2010. Her other 2 children are scattered in there amoung the missing years. Today she crys because her baby is off to school and she crys because she is now finally free to pursue other thngs.

She has been through the seperation of her parents. Has had step-parents and step-siblings added to her family. She has been in and out of relationships ever since I can remember. She has been through 2 divorces and is finaly in a committed, loving relationship with her 3rd husband. Through the years she has brought 4 wonderful children into the world. I may not be blood related but she has brought me into this world as well.

I spend more time at her house then my own. I still do that. Her only daughter is my best friend and will be til the end of time (so far we have been friends for 16 years). This wonderful women considers me her other daughter she always wanted. I think of her as my 2nd mom. She has taught her 4 children, plus me to tell the truth and why that is important. She also teaches us to be kind, honest, loyal, loving human beings. She also taught us the value of respectfulness, and to know right from wrong. She is a role model for her own children and myself.

No matter what she faced as a child nor as a young adult; she doesn't let that effect what or how she treats others. She teaches that to us as well. She loves all of us no matter what, she treats us how she would want to be treated, and she nurtures us in the motherly ways moms do. She listens, cares, gives advice, handles heartaches, and boo-boos. She has become the second-mom children dream about having and I am so glad that she is mine.

This wonderful women care for us when we are sick or injured. She feels horrible when any of us are in pain of any kind. She sits with us and listens to our problems and then helps us come up with a solution. This is her way of nurturing. I see this women as my second-mom because she never judges me or my life. She loves me no matter what. She listens to me about anything and everything. She treats me as a person. As well as she always says that I may not be her biologial daughter but I am her daughter and family, through and through.

She is a one-of-a-kind women who is a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, family-friend, soul-seacher, and MY second mom. I will love her always and forever no matter what. God Bless this women as thy enter my life.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 14: organization; mini-research

When I mention the word "Cheerleading or Cheerleader" what do you think about? When I hear those words I go back in time to when I was a 5th grader and in the hallway at my old elementary school and there I was with my teammates practicing cheers. I could hear the heavy breaths, the coach yelling, the heartbeats while putting up a stunt, I could hear everything and there was a smile on my face. I love cheerleading still today (even though I can't participate since injuring my knee).

I did 4 years of cheering in my K-8 school. When I was there it was only offered 5th-8th grade, today it's offerd for the younger students. In High School I did 4 years. 4 seasons of Football cheering and 3 seasons of bacsketball cheering throughout my high school career. My fist year in high school as well as my first year participating in Football cheering our team when to the championship and won for football. That is an experience I will never forget. Our record was 12-0.

Here are some reasons why cheerleading is consider a sport. You may not belive that it is but after reading this I hope you change your mind about cheerleading or shut up about it ( if you can't back up your reasons, don't voice them).
- Stragegy is a big thing in cheering. You have to position the girls/boys according to height but also to ability. that is sometimes difficult because you may have really tall people that are good but short people that are not great, but not horrible. That person should be in back so you have the best out front but she is short and then no one will see her. yo have to play around with formations to decide what is best for the complexity of your squad. Also you have to know the right chant to say at the right moment in the game. So the motto is: Always be prepard and know your stuff!
- Trash talking is a thing that we see alot in sports. We have to be sportmans like at all times on the playing field but that is never true. Until cheerleading. Cheerleaders are one of the few that doesn't trash talk other team members, opposing teams, coaches, school officals. We are there because we want to be and we want to give it are all to win. In my 8 years of cheering we schools combined won the Sportsmanship Award 6 times. For me that was 6 out of 8 years. thats pretty impressive. How did we do that. One goal: Winning but never belittleing the others or we won't win.
- Guys love the uniforms that cheerleaders wear. they love them because they are short, very short. they do not match dress code standards but that is okay. Why are the skirts short? Well, the main reason the skirt is short is because we do movements and bend in ways that a short skirt allows us the ability to do so. A longer skirt only provides a small range of flexablity. That would not be good to have if you want a great routine. CHEERLEADING is ALL about the MOVEMENT!
- The jocks are one of the most populars in schools. I can't say that that statement is wrong because it's true. We all know it, why try hiding it. But there is a twist in the popular group: cheerleaders. They are among the populars. I don't know why but it is. People say that cheerleading is not a sport so why are we among the popular group? That I have no answer to, so I will let you ponder that.
- Like anyother telovised competition out there: Superbowl, NBA Championships, NASCAR Championships, Golf Tournaments, Cheerleading is telovised as well. They are an awesome event to watch. If you don't beive cheerleading is a sport, then watch one of these broadcasts and I promise you will change your mind.

In conclusion, you put in the same amount of practice time as anyother sport (maybe more when championships come around), you have to trust your teammates 100% if you want to pull off the routines or put up stunts. Stunting can be very dangerous if you don't have the training or the skills. You also have to be together on timing or the flyer can get hurt, and you have to beable to trust that when a stunt goes up you have to talent to not let it fall.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 11

I have been looking out this window for the last day and a half. I have been away from the children and the boy. I was in another state taking care of personal matters. I left on a tuesday and was coming home today a week later. I took care of the things that needed to be done the best that I could from where I was. Anything that should happen to come up I can take care of it from my house in Maine.

I never thought that I would miss Maine. When I was a little girl I always said that I wanted to leave Maine as soon as possible. But know I cant't think of a better place to live and grow my family.

I heard the captain say over the intercome "Ladies and Gentleman we are about to land in beautiful Bangor, Me so if I could please have you sit your seats and buckle up." "Thank you fr choosing and flying Delta Airlines". I was so excited to finally land. I buckled my belt and looked forward. I felt the airplane start to drop lower, and lower, and lower. I heard the lnding gear touch down on the runway and eventually we pulled to a stop. The studardests open the hatch when they got the okay from the captain and gestured for the passengers in the front to start moving towards the open door. When it was my turn I stepped into line behind a mother with two children.

I gotout of the plane and followed everybody out into the gate. I stopped and searched for the boy. I didn't see him. I stayed there a little longer to let people leave and so that I could see better. Nothing. So, I decided to go to the bagage claim to retrieve my bags. I was starting to get a little angry because he was not here to pick me up when we went over the time that I would land today. And surprisingly the plane was on time. So were the HELL was he. There was a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and sort of snapped at the person that tappd my shoulder. I rudley asked her what she wanted. She took a step back and then pointed to hr bag and I moved. I pulled the handel on my bag and wheeled it towards the information desk. I asked the man working there if there was a message left for me. I gave him the information he needed and when he said no I grunted. He looked at me with a puzzled look and I sppologized. I went out front and got out my cellphone and punche in Brandon's number. When it went to voicemail I decided t leave a message. I was a little rude and reminded him that we talked yesterday about what time he had to pick me up. And I asked repeadtly where the HELL he was.

When I hung up the phone stuck it in my purse and turned around there he was. I stared at him for a minute. Yelled across the way at him and he went down on one knee. I was shocked. I ran to him hitting people and yelling at people to move. They weren't happy but I didn't care. I got to him and he ask me "Will you be my forever, my always, my everything. I want you by my side when everything in my life comes true. Will you marry me?" Oh my God! Are you serious? "Will you marry me" he repeat. "Yes, of course. I want to be your forever and always" I got down on my knees to be face to face with him and kiss him. I kiss him with a lot of passion and frustration but I dont think he noticed.

Week 10

It's was the summer of 2008, I was heading into my Senior year of high school in September. I was incrediably nervous. I'm from a small town were we only had 1 school. It was a K-8 school at the time I was there. Today, it's a Pre-K-8 school. Anyways, I hung out with my best friend pretty much all summer except for the days I had to work.

I remember that summer as if it was yesterday. My best friend, her family, and myself we took a trip to Peaks Island, Portland Me. I got up at 4am the morning we left, I was at their house by 5:15. My best friend was at her boyfriends house and when they got up they were headed down to meet us at the house and ready to go.

We had to take 2 vehicles because there was 8 of us all together. My best friends step-dad took his car with himself, his wife, and the two youngest boys (they were 3 and 1). In my car was myself, my best friend, her boyfriend, and her other brother (we ranged in ages of 17, 17, 18, and 12). We left the house around 6:45. We had to be at the ferry in Portland by 9am or 10:15 am.

We hit the road and was off. I can't speak for the parents vehicle because I was not in it but in my car we has a blast. My best friend and I rode up front since I was driving. The boys are in the back where they could strech out. We got to Portland, made the ferry, and enjoyed the Island. It was paradise. The water was freezing but we still went in.

We had lunc on the beach, took a drive around the Island looking at all the houses that are too exspensive for our blood. We had dinner at the rented cottage that we stayed at. We bonded as a family playing games, and telling stories/jokes. But in the end we had to leave because the next week most of uswent back to school. We left the Island the next day and headed home. :(

My best friends boyfriend is from Brewer so he attended Brewer High, she and I attended Bucksport High and her brother the 12 year old attends Orland School. So we all went in different directions. She and I walked into school together that miserable day. It was our Senior Year. I was excited and I think she was too but none of us wanted to go back to school.

It all looked the same but we could tell that something was different. I dont know how to explain that, it was just a feeling. The last three years of my high school exsistence I had this wonderful principle that cared for everybody. He was concerned about our schooling. School Wide Assemblies had games and special visitors. He made high school enjoyable but he knew when to lay down the law if or went he had to.

Today was different. Today the air seemed cold, unenterable, stiff, and prison like. Over the summer apparently the princle we all loved got a better job in the southern part of the state, so they hired a new principle. None of us that had been there the past 3 yrs like him. He was unfamiliar, not an easy person to talk to, not an approchable person. We ended up seeing some of the aspects they we had grown up used to they disappeared. We couldn't do anything, he was the principle. So we just took each day as they came and had to deal.

Did we recieve the best education we could? Yes. Did we get the proper disiline, if needed? Yes. Were we heard? Yes. Did we get what we needed out of high school? Yes. My question to you is, did the students have the right to be mad that this new principle? Were the seniors right to be upset that this new principle came in on our senior year? These are my questions to you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 9: fact or fiction

Today was like no other. I woke up and showered. Added the make-up and brushed the teeth. Clothed and organized the room from messing it up last night when I got home fro work. Tired from work and personal things but ready to tackle todays plans.

Brandon is at work and the kids are at school. So that means I am by myself. I vacummed the floors, dusted the house, did the dishes, and started the laundry. Went throught the kids rooms to pick up some of their mess. I went in mine and Brandon's room and picked up our stuff.

After the house chores where done I started on the next thing on my list: Baking! Tonight Brandon and I are attending a 80's Themed Party. The kids will be spending the night at one of our neighbors house for the night with their friends from school. So, anyways back to baking. Whoever attends the party tonight was encouraged to bring a dessert or main dish, whatever they could make/afford. I was makng my favorite thing, Sugar Cookies. I love making them because you can do anything with sugar cookies. I made them and let them cool. I made 2 dozen cookies and frosted them all.

Tonights color theme was black, purple, and green. So the frosting on the cookies were of those colors and the words '80. (I ate a few in the process...) I'm wearing a black leather sexy dress with my hair done in a side pony. My hair had purple and green highlights to go with my already black hair. I had on purple leg warmers and green high-heeled shoes. My make-up was done in those colors and vamped up from that morning.

Brandon wore a workout outfit. He had on black sneakers, spiked hair tinted purple, white/green jersey, and purple shorts. We looked awsome speperatly but together we looked funny as we did not match. When we arrived at the party the music was blaring 80's themed music. He dance, ate, met up with friends, and danced some more.

Towards the middle of the party, a guy that I went to high school with showed up. He wasn't my favorite person in high school but we get along. He asked Brandon if he could cut in, Brandon said "Sure". Brandon went to the bathroom and to get a drink. The guy I went to school was named * Trentyn*. He kinda had a crush on me and usually made everyone know it. I turned him down a few times in high school because I was not interested.

We were talking and catching up when he bent down and kissed me. Brandon happened to be watching and came rushing over. He asked what the hell was going on. Trentyn explained that he has always liked me and wanted to know if I felt the same. Brandon looked at me and I said, "Baby, after all that we have been through do you think that I would be here if I didn't love you?" Brandon jnew what I was saying and took my hand and started to walk away, when Trentyn grabbed my hand. I said that I was mot interested and never would be and that he needed to leave me alone. When he didn't get the message and grabbed my hand again, I slapped him and walked to the food table with Brandon, where he kissed me. I left that party with the person I love the most in the world.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 8

*Given the topic I choose, I decided to leave out his name and things prolonging to his condition*

Today I woke up in the happy mood that I always do after sleep. I feel wonderful and try to remember the dream that was so great that I never wanted to wake up. I look at the clock and it read 9:30 am. I suppose that I should get up and get those "To Do List" items taken care of before work.

I got the dishes done, the floors swept, the kittens litter box cleaned and replenished, and my shower done. Now I was making my way to my room to get that organized when the phone rang. I answered it. "Hello", "Yes, is Alicia there?" I said that was me. "OH, good. I have you listed as an emergency contact for T____ S____, is that correct, the man asked me". "Yes I am, I'm his Goddaughter, is there a problem with him?" The gentlemen filled me in on what had happened.

The operator had called me and told me that my Godfather was walking down his porch steps and had collapsed. There was a neighbor that found him and called the paramedics. They have rushed him to the Emergency Room in Bangor, that was around 11:00 am and the operator told me that I should get there as soon as I can. Because they need information from me about him.

I called Brandon at work and told him what was going on. He told me to stay where I was that he was coming home and we would go up together. Then I called the Daycare where the kids were at and told them the situation and asked if someone could bring the kids to the house right away. They said they were already loaded in the car by the time we had hung up. Almost the time Brandon got home so did the kids. I found my Godfathers will and the legal documents I though I might need in the safety deposit box and we jumped in the car ans was off.

We arrived at the hospital and before we could see him they told us what his current state was and that they need to talk to the emergency contact that he had. That was me, so I followed the receptionist to her office and gave her what she needed. Brandon and the kids were in the waiting area, waiting for me. The nurse came over and had me fill out paperwork and told me when the doctor was through his exam that he would come talk to us.

That felt like hours even though it had been only thirty minutes. The doctor told us that he suffered from a particular brain hemorrhage. The next 24 hours they would monitor his condtion, but they didn't think that he would make it through the night. I about hit the floor and started sobbing. I remember Brandon asking the doctor a few questions and then thanking him. I also heard the doctor say he would be back later to check on him and us.

Brandon was the first to go in and see him. The children next to say there goodbyes and Brandon and I knew that he would be gone by morning. I called the babysitter that Brandon and I use to inform her of what had happened and to see if she would come to the hospital to take the children back home (they had no reason to stay there all night). She agreed and knew that we were staying and that she needed to stay the night and possibly tomorrow too. I told her that the children didn't need to go to daycare and I would call the school in the morning to let them know.

Once I made that call I called my Godfathers daughter, she was a couple hours away and was leaving for Bangor as we hung up. I didn't give her all the details as I knew she would be driving. The babysitter came and took the kids away. That is when I went to see him. Brandon kissed my forehead and said he would be right outside if I needed him. I grabbed the chair by the window and moved it closer to his bed. I grabbed his hand and started to gently rub my hand in his. He was medicated so he was completely out of it but to me he looked like he was still in pain.

I sat for a while with him not saying a word. But towards it being close to an hour I got up and kissed him goodbye, Said that he would be missed and that I loved him very much. I whispered something in his ear and left the room. His daughter was sitting next to Brandon when I came out. I gave her a big hug and kiss and filled her in on what was happening. She went in the room with him. I sat next to Brandon still crying. She was in their with him for a while. Eventually she came out when the doctor came to give us an update. She and I completely lost it as the doctor told us that with his rhythms he would only have a couple of hours left. Brandon was being strong but I knew that he was only holding it together for me and for my godfathers daughter.

If you are wondering what I whispered to him, then this is it: "Uncle T___, I hope that you can hear me and know that you are going to be missed and that you would have had another baby to look after if you were better. Know that this baby that I am carrying will always know about you and all that you have given to my life. Love you always and know that you are in our hearts always"

We alternated going in to sit with him for the next few hours. He never came off of the medication so he may not of known that we were there. As we were getting coffee from the vending machine the nurses and doctor raced to his room. We knew at that point that we had lost him as his wish was to have us follow his DNR. The doctor gave his call and told us that he had passed on. That was at 10:38 pm.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 7: Structure, Profile, Lecture

Today a women stands and she is crying. She sent her first child to school in 1995. Today her fourth child is going off to school in 2010. 2 more are scattered in there among the years. Today she crys because her baby is off to school and because she is finally free to presue other things.

She has been through the seperation of her parents, has now included step-parents and step-siblings to her life. She has brought in 4 beasutiful children. Been though divorce herself and is been married now for 6 years and going strong.

I spent more time at her house with her daughter who is my best friend then I ever did at my house when we were growing up. She has taught us to tell the truth, be kind, be honest, be loyal, be respectful, to know right from wrong, and to love.

No matter what she faced as a child or as a young adult, she doesn't let that effect what she does for her own 4 kids plus me. She loves us all, treats us well, and nutrues us. She has become the second-mom children dream about having and I am grateful that she is mine.

She would give her life to help somebody else in need and may not always have the money to do so, but will find others ways to make that dream a realilty. She is a one-of-a-kind women.

A daughter, sister, aunt, mother, friend, family-friend, soul-searcher, and lovable gold hearted women in my life. Love her always and forever.........

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 6: Autobiography; Imagination

I'm a child that suffers from Asthma. I was diagnosed with this life-threatning condition when I was 5 years old. As I was tols there are many different types or kinds of Asthma. I have what is called "Exercise Enduced" Asthma. Which means when I do extensive physical activities my asthma would get out of control.

I live in a small town outside of Bucksport. It's called "Orland". I have lived here in this town for the past 20 years, alomost 21 years. I went to school in a K-8 school. There were many things wrong with this school, but one of the major problems were the dust, dander, powders that were use for cleaning, ect. That stuff made my asthma flair up all the time even if I was sitting at my desk.

When I was about 8 years old we (my family and I) were camping down at the local campground and I was running the loop with the friends I had made that summer and my asthma kicked into high gear. I was frantic because I could not find my inhaler. I came inside the camper and told my mom who went into the bathroom to get the spare she ketp there... She couldn't find it. She had me sit at the table and drink so water while she searched around. Nope, still missing. She grabbed my hand, put me in the car, and we race to our house. God thing it was only about a 20 minute car ride. When we got home she grabbed an inhaler from the bathroom counter draw and I puffed on the medicine. In the end I was able to breath again.

Since that night my mom had instilled in my head that when ever I leave the house that I make sure that I always have an inhaler in my bag, pocket, or purse.

Now today I am almost 21 years old and have sort of grown out of my asthma. The only time I need my inhaler is in the winter time when I get sick. And when I go to the doctors for a physical they have me blow in there asthma checker just to make sure my lungs are healthy.

*Remeber that allergies and asthma can play together so if your son or daughter experience difficulties breathing please, please get them checked out. *

Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 5

I have lived in the same spot for the last 20 years now. Well, every year about this time I get as my co-workers would say "giddy". This is the time of year that people show different sides of themselves. They are giving, caring, emotional (in a good way), and happy. I love the season of Christmas.

I come from a big family. There are five that live in my household, one of them is me. My mom had a medium sized family and my dad had a large one. He alone has 6 brothers, a step-brother, and a step-sister. Anyways, every year we have holiday traditions that are followed to a tee. We have dinner at my grandparents (moms parents) on Christmas Eve and we also open presents from them. On Christmas we open presents at my house and then go to the other grandparents house and open presents from them and have a big brunch.

Everybody gets up early except for me on Christmas because I just want to sleep regardless of the day. Once I do get up we have breakfast and then open presents. Once evey present has been opened we clear away trash and dishes from breakfast. then we put away presents.

This past Christmas was different. I stayed with my best friend. The families were gone to spend the holidays elswhere and we had the house to ourselves. Noelle and I grabbed food at the store, movies from the movie place, and dessert from the bakery. When we were back at her house and the groceries put away we popped in a movie to relax and start our Christmas off with a bang.

Christmas Eve we spent watching movies and T.V, we baked a little , and decorated the Christmas tree. When we said goodnight we wrapped one-anothers gifts and would put them under the tree in the morning. Our boyfriends that Christmas came over around 6pm to have Christmas dinner with us.

We had meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. We sat around eating, drinking, rememboring the good times. When the dishes were done (thanks to the guys) Noelle and I served dessert: Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream. We took our dessert into the living room to relax. When finished we opened presents. I got Noelle: a Viking's football shirt, make-up, and a locket. She got me: new flip-flops, a new wallet, and I locket. The lockets were both the same and we had put pictures in them. Mine and my mom and her mom in there. I had put pictures of her mom and her grandmother who passed when we were young in hers.

The guys took us seperetly to give us the gifts they got us. They had planned this little surprise and both got us an engagment ring. Brandon propsed to me and Ricky proposed to Noelle. I was so shocked and so was she. They told us that because we were best friends and had been for so many years that they wanted to give us a gift that we could share together but also sepretly. It was the best Christmas yet so far.

Week 4: Re-write

You love me, you don't love me. You love me, you don"t love me. This goes on and on until there are no more petals for me to pull off. I sit here on the swing overlooking the lake and think to myself: "Am I ever going to find a boyfriend?"

My twin sister was inside the house and came outside to sit with me. We were talking about girl stuff: boys, clothes, school, sports. The usual stuff we always talked about. She asked me what I was doing up here. I told her that I was wishing upon a daisy. She ooke dat me funny.

She disappears into the day and I sit there wondering what would life be like if I was just older. Would there be guys, money, school, children. I swear I'm older than I really was. I always and still do look for what is to come.

You love me, you don't love me. Is that the question? I sit and stare out into the unknown and think to myself what is out there. I snap back into reality when I heard a noise come from behind me.

It was my sister. She had gone out and found me a daisy to pluck the petals and says: "Whatever your thinking it will come true one day. But right know mom wants us to come inside for dinner." As I walk to the house with her I am thinkg that I hope she is right one day.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 4

I have lived in the same spo for the last 20 years now. Well, every year about this time I get as my c-workers would say "giddy". This is the time of year that people show different sides of themselves. They are giving, caring emotional (in a good way), and happy. I love the season of Christmas.

I come from a big family. There are five in my household, one of them is me. My mom has a medium sized family and my dad comes from a big family. He alone has 6 brothers, a step-brother, and a step-sister. Anyway, every year we have family holiday traditions. We go to my moms parents for Christmas Eve. We have dinner and once the table is cleared and the dishes are in the dishwasher we all sit in the livering and get ready to open presents. We pass the all out and get one from my parents which takes about an hour and a half. Once that is done its getting late and we pack up and head home.

We get up early except for me. I sleep to the last possible second that I can. Once I'm up we eat breakfast, then we open presents, and finally we change for the day. This process takes about 4 hours. We get in the car and head to my dad's parents place. There is a buffet style of food laid out for us to pick from. Once everyone shows up we open presents. Once that is done with and things are picked up we head home. When we get home we all spend the rest of the day putting away presents.

This past Christmas however was different. My parents and siblings are off to North Carolina to spend the holidays with my aunt and uncle. My best friends mom, step-dad, and siblings were off to Portland to celebrate the holidays with thier family. So we were going to spend the holiday together at her house. They would be gone from Christmas Eve til sometime after New Year's Eve.

So Noelle and I grabbed food from the store, movies from the movie place, and dessert from the bakery. We drove home and put away the items. We grabbed a bite to eat and sat in the family room and popped in a movie. We got half way into it when she says "You know what we should do tomorrow"? I'm like what. "We should have the guys come here instead of going to the resturant. I'm like sure, why not.

Chrismas Eve was spent just her and I watching movies, chatting up a storm, and decorating the tree. We wrapped presents in our seprate rooms when we went to bed. Now it is Christmas Day and dinner is cooking and presents under the tree. Once the guys arrived at 6pm we have dinner (meatloaf and mashed potatoes). We ate, drank, and talked. Once the meal was over the guys did the dishes and Noelle and I fixed dessert. We took dessert into the livingroom. When we were finished we opened presents.

Noelle gave me mine and I gave her to her. I got a pair of flips-flops, a new wallet, and a locket. She got a Viking's football shirt, some make-up, and a locket. The lockets were the same ones and they each had pictures in them. Mine had my mom and her mom in it. Because they are both my moms even though her mom is not my biological one. I put her mom and her grandmother in hers. Her grandmother passed away when she was 10.

The guys wanted to give us our gifts in private. Brandon took me into the room off the kitchen. He gave me a dozen roses that had a card with them. I turned around and put the flowers on the counter and read the card that says "Turn Around :)". I do as the card says and there was Brandon kneeling on one knee with a ring box in his hand. He says "Will you marry me?" I say yes an hug and kiss him. I then go find Noelle and when I do I say "I'm getting married", but all I could here was the same thing come out of her mouth as well. We look at the guys and they tell us they planned it this way all along.

Christmas was deffinetly different but for what it's worth the Christmas season is about: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!

Life is full of surprises.....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 3: Travel Essay

Everything is packed and already in the truck. Parents tied down the last rope and jumped into the truck themselves. My best friend and I got into my car. The engines start and we are off. For me, I have seen this scenery everyday for the last 20 years where as my best friend doesn't get out this way much so she saw all kinds of new things.

The trees are green and full of life, there is a slight breeze, and the sun is shining. We follow my parents even thought I have been going to this same place since I was 5 years old and I have he coordinates plugged into my GPS system.

From my house to the start of the interstate it takes about 10 miles. For those miles we pass all types of business in the Holden, Me area. We also pass a local school and a few gas stations. Once we get onto the interstate it's 119.7 miles to the location. For those miles most are interstate miles which means drab, boring, excrushiating scence-less nightmares. All you see is trees and blue skies, paves roads, and vehicles. Not a whole lot of fun. I guess thats when two best friends get into trouble.

When her and I get together (especially when long trips) we roll down all the windows, blast the music, and make fun of the people that pass us or that we pass. So we talk, she sleeps, and we sing. We tried to keep ourselves entertained because it's like a 2hr-3hr drive. We are also most there and I get excited when I see the rest stop sign because that means only another 30 minutes to go. We stop there. I get out and stretch and then head inside to use the restroom. They are clean but not very kept up. Litter everywhere and smells not so nice. Back in the car 10 minutes later.

Up the road, around a corner, and off the interstate we go. We pass a up-scale country club, gas stations galore, and a grocery store plaza. We get further into Millinocket and I see the water thats on both sides of us. Then all of a sudden we hit nothing but winding roads and trees. We follow these roads for what seems like forever, when we hit the final road that leads us into Baxter State Park. Once on that road its a couple of speed bumps and then dirt roads. We see all kinds of trees and roads, then we see open areas, and a swamp. When we get to camp its nothing up wide open spaces and nature for a week with no power, no electricity, and no running water (which means outhouse)...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 1: Nature (re-write)

Drip Drop, Drip Drop. I love the sound of raindrops as they hit the hot ground. It's been so hot lately that the haze has taken over the scenery. The rain has come in and gone just as fast but the raindrops play thier special melody. Drip Drop, Drip Drop.

I am walking in the forest as the rain dissipates. I am with the man that I love and we continue to walk hand-in-hand. We talk about past events, future plans, and events that are happening now. i was in the middle of a story when Brandon stops dead in his tracks. I happen to fall down because he still had my hand and I kept going when he stopped. I and up in the mud and he looks at me when I shriek and shushes me.

There was a deer and his mate about 30 yards ahead of us. We watch them for a while. I am amazed at our wildlife and how they interact in our world and with us as humans. They noticed Brandon and I standing watching them but never moved or ran away. They continued to graze in the field and play with one another. Brandon and I inched a little closer. They stayed where they were. I noticed they they kept looking up in the trees and i saw that a couple of birds where in the trees chripping. I couldn't tell what type of bird but they seemed content where they were. The deer's moved to another spot to eat but were not afriad of Brandon and I.

We left the deer's as quietly as we came to them and started to head back to our house. Once we get to the clearing and can see the house, the sunshine is on our faces and it's a warm but not stuffily day out. Brandon turns to me and makes a bet that if he beats me to the house that I have to eat a bug and if I beat him to the house he has to do all the laundry outside in nature. We agree to eachothers stipulations but I have a condition is that we skip the whole way to make it fair.

"Ready, Set, Go" is what we said together and we were off. I take a straight hill down. Not so much fun when you have to skip, brandon takes a curved path and pulls ahead. i make it down the hill and stop by the frog pond. No frogs yet that I can see, but I take a drink of cool water and off I go. In the end Brandon wins.

So I;m dreading eating this bug but a promise is a promise. Of course Brandon has to make me suffer even more and lets the kids get involved. Brandon lets them pick out the bug and they choose this bug that is covered in dirt and was slimy as hell. I open my mouth and stuck it in my mouth. I start chewing it fast and got it swallowed. I ran to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Once that was drank I felt like one of those "Survivor" contestants that have to do those type of challenges.

All in all today was a great day to be out in nature. Brandon and I took a walk in the forest, i ate a bug (beacuse I lost a bet), and to top it all off we treated the children to a picnic under the stars.

Week 2: Observation and Field Work

We all know that in the winter time we all bitch that it's too cold outside because of the snow. We can't wait for the Spring so the temp is affectionate and all the snow is gone. But then on the other hand there are citizens like me who love the winter season. All the snow cascades everything white (so no judgement), all the romantic lights that are all over, and people are for the most part in generous and caring moods. I get all giddy inside this time of year. I was out for a stroll one winter night last winter season and was taking in all of the sites.
In the distance ahead of me I could see a family of three walking in the night and they were singing christmas songs. The couple walk hand-in-hand and look at their precious child. I can see the love in thier eyes for that beautiful little girl. As we pass each other on the sidewalk the mother smiles at me and says "Blessed Be". I nod back at her and smile.
As I continue walking on my stroll, I pass the school were I earned my education. Tonight was there annual Holiday Concert. I notice a woman outside standing by the entrance door and she is talking on her cell phone. I could hear the children signing and I stopped to listen for a minute. My heart turned all warm inside. I love this time of year. I wasn't technically eavesdropping on the woman but I was tuning into her conversation with whomever.
".... I know that you have to work honey, but tonight was the concert.... I understand this time of the year is your busiest and your craziest time but your son and daughter were counting on you to be here. I would have loved it if you could have least made an effort for your children.... Don't yell at me please, I was just trying to get you to understand that your children notice that you're not here for thier special occasions and they see thier friend's father here for them..... Okay Oaky, I know, What time will you be home tonight?... Fine, I will see you tomorrow morning then".
I decided that was not a mother that I wanted to get into a fight with if she caught me eavesdropping on her private conversation, so I kept walking. I was coming up on the road and needed to cross. A gentlemen in a truck stopped and let me cross. When I reached the other side he yelled out his window "Merry Christmas Madam", I replied Merry Christmas and continued to walk to the grocery store. Once there I gathered what I needed and was amazed at what I was seeing. Mothers and daughters or mothers and sons laughing and enjoying one another, couples walking hand-in-hand so in love not even getting anything from the shelves, and co-workers having a good time at work. I guess this season really is magical, what do you think?
I have had a great stroll out in nature especially this time of the year but I am starting to get cold and am heading back to the house. When I approach my driveway i get hit with a snowball in the side of the head. It was the boys that live next door. they apologize and looked scared. I just continue to walk inside. I change into dry clothes and Brandon made us hot coca and we sat in front of the fire and watch the boys from next door as they play in the snow....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 1: Nature

Drip Drop, Drip Drop. I love the sound of raindrops as they hit the hot ground. It’s been so hot lately that the haze has taken over the scenery. The rain has come in and gone just as fast but the raindrops play their special melody. Drip Drop, Drip Drop.
I am walking in the forest as the rain dissipates. I am with the man I love and we continue to walk hand-in-hand. We talk about past events, future events, and events that are happening now. I was in the middle of a story when Brandon (my love) stops dead in his track. I happen to fall down because he jerked my arm and I slipped n the mud. He shushes me and I look up. There was a deer and his mate 30 yards ahead of us. We watch them for a while. I am amazed at our wildlife and how they interact in our world and with us as humans.
We leave the two deer’s as quietly as we came to them and start to head back to the house. Once we get into the clearly and can see the house, the sunshines on our faces and its warm but not stuffily. Brandon turns and faces me and makes a bet that if he beats me to the house I have to eat a bug and if I win he has to do the laundry outside. The only condition is that we had to skip so it would be a fair race. “Ready, Set, Go” we said together and we were off. I take a straight hill down. Not so much fun when you have to skip, Brandon takes a curved path and pulls ahead. I make it down the hill and stop by the frog pond. No frogs that I can see, but I take a drink of fresh cool water and off I go. In the end result Brandon wins.
So I’m dreading eating a bug but a promise is a promise. Of course Brandon has to make me suffer even more and let the kids watch. Brandon let them pick out the bug and they choose a bug that was covered in dirt and was slimy. I open my mouth and stuck this nasty creature in. I start chewing it fast and got it swallowed. I ran to the kitchen grabbed a glass of water and drank it fast. I felt like one of those “Survivor Contestants” that have to do those types of challenges.
All in all today was a great day to be out in nature. Brandon and I took a walk in the forest, I ate a bug- because I lost a skipping challenge, and to top it all off we treated to children to a picnic dinner under the stars.

Me, Myself, and I (Introduction- ENG 262)

I’m 20 years old (almost 21). Born in Bangor, raised in a small town named Orland. For you readers who don’t know where that is it’s near Bucksport. I love living in this small town because I get to be a part of something. Everybody knows one-another, the community is well loved and cared for, and I get to help out at my old elementary school more often because it is such a small town.
Living at home because it’s cheaper and I only work part-time so I can continue school. I live here in Orland with my long-time boyfriend, and my niece and nephew. They came to live with me after their mom died and father is no where to be found, I refer to them as my children now because they have lived with me for a while. Also I live with 2 kittens and a dog.
I love hanging out with my best friend whenever possible. Pretty much every week at least once. She is getting married this coming spring and I am her Maid of Honor (I’m so excited). I love my life, my town, and children. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I one day hope to have my own daycare center one day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 14 Theme: Brand New Miracle

Pain, Pain, Pain. Horrible Pain shooting down the spine and in the stomach. Winces and then brightens. It's over for now. Now lets out a breath and sucks one in. Turning to the bright and smiley faces in the room, asks a question: why is this happening to me? Who let it happen? Turns white now and clutches the railing of the bed and starts breating heavy. It's coming back even stronger now.
In a fog not knowing whats going on. Can hear people chattering but can't hear them clearly. Body doing strange things, but they seem natural. Suddenly hear lies a human atop her chest that is crying.

Week 14 Theme: Forever Love

Hearts beating, pulses racing, limbs intertwined, heavy breaths in between kisses. As one is lonely, two becomes one. Bobbing on white sheets we see the 15 minutes of us becoming two. Forever together. Who is saying that? Who is intriguing me in this wonderful and sexy way? Gasping for air, trembling onto the floor and breathing slowly and forever we become two in one.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 15 Theme

Tuesday, May 4, 2010- (substituting at former/local high school)

This was my former high school from 2004-2008. Now I come back to work as a substitute. It’s weird to do this line of work because I am only two years older than the graduating seniors. I feel weird telling the students to sit down, open their books, be quite, or get to work because of the age difference. Is that normal? Would you feel that way if you were in my shoes? I guess I just have to remember that it’s a job and I have to be professional. Well that’s it for now, talk to you later.

Thursday, May 6, 2010- (substituting at former/local high school)

Today I got called in to work to work in the special education room. I have recently taken a couple of classes on special education and autism. I think that they really helped me understand certain situations and how to handle them. I’m an Early Childhood Education student where working in a high school isn’t relevant to my degree but it gives me the opportunity to see what being a teacher will look like in a year from now.

Friday, May 7, 2010- (substituting at former/local high school)

Today is a half-day at the high school. I’m working in the special education room. I was asked to independently work with a specific student. We knew that he was going to be late, so I filled in where it was necessary. When the student was supposed to be in class- he didn’t show. So I filled in for another position until we were dismissed at 11:30. I left from the high school to go to work at my regular job.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010- (substituting at former/local high school)

Today was a weird day. It was fine. Children were rowdy. Children not staying on task annoy teachers. Power went out because leg on transformer busted. So of course that threw off the entire day. For me I had an easy day because the student that I usually work with was a no show. So I basically got paid to keep order when the power went out. Other than that, it was a great day.

Week 13 Theme

It started off as a typical saturday. I have to work from 2-9. Yippie, yet another night shift. Anyways, I'm driving on the interstate, headed towards work. I get into the fast lane because I dont like slow drivers. I see the off-ramp that I need to take and put my blinker on and start to merge over. Just as I get on the off-ramp a car came out of nowhere and this jerk almost hits my car. I swear and flip this person the burd, of course nobody heard or saw me.

I get to work, park the car, and head inside. After I punch in and head up front I notice that I am running the service desk and I have a cashier coming in at 4pm. Thank God, I really didn't want to run on a cash register tonight. A couple hours into my shift I have to deal with a husband/wife duo that wanted to return something. They didn't have a reciept and our policy states that in order to have return or exchange an item(s) you have to have a reciept or gift reciept. I explained that to them and they got a little mad. I told them that I could try a couple of things to find it but make no promises. In theend I couldnt find it and they yelled at me and said that they would not be shopping here ever again.

I got on register at around 6pm so that the cashier on duty could take a 15 minute break. I have customers in line and the phone starts to ring. I couldn't get to it so I radioed to the Sales Floor Supervisor and asked her to get it. She did and radioed back that it was for me. When i got a minute break, i answered it. It was my brother. We exchanged greetings but I could tell something was wrong. He told me that my sister was involved in a car accident. "What" is all I manged to say. I sort of went into panic mode. He told me he was on-route to the hospital. "What hospital is she going to" is my next question. He told me what hospital and I told him I would be there ASAP.

I paged the supervisor to dial 31. When she paged in, I explained to her what my brother told me. I told her that as soon as the cashier got back up front, I needed to leave and get to the hospital. She told me I have to wait to leave, so that I could cover her lunch break she was taking in 30 minutes. "EXCUSE ME" was my response. We dont have the coverage today and you need to stay. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I hung up the phone.

The cashier had come up and I explained to her what was happening. She understood when I told her I had to leave. Just as I turn around the supervisor was standing there. She yet again, I couldn't leave until she came back. I grabbed my keys frm the draw and took off for the front doors. She followed me right out to my car still yapping in my ear. I stated the engine and told her to move or get run over. She moved and I sped to the hospital.

Once there, I had to shut of my phone and followed the nurses directions to where my brother should be. I found him and he explained what he could. Since our parentsare not in the picture, I have parental/gaurdianship responsibilities. My brother was not 18 years old at the time and couldn't sign the forms. They did surgery under these circumstances, because they new I was on-route. Once there, I signed all the forms. My sister came out fine but is still badly bruised. Also had a broken legand arm. Even though she was fine and I was glad, I was thinking that I may not have a job come Monday....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 12 Theme

It was a mid-afternoon day and I had cleaned the whole house and I even scrubbed the toilets. Brandon had taken the kids to the zoo and then to the park.
My cell phone was charging in the kitchen. It started to ring so I got up to answer it. It was Brandon letting me know that he was going to take the kids to get something to eat. I looked at the clock and read 6:15pm and I didn't realize how late it had got. I decided to go for a run. i went and changed into jogging clothes and then put on my jogging shoes.
I went jogging around the neighborhood and the park and on my way back home I felt strange, like someone was watching me. I looked behind me and sure enough there was. This guy was staring at me. He was a young person and was checking me out. I step my running up but he did as well. I finally stoped by this white truck to ask him why he was following me.
He told me that he was following me because he wanted to give me $500.00 to be his girlfriend for 6 hours. I just stared at him. He said that his friends bet him that he couldn't get a date to the senior prom, so when he saw me jogging he decided to ask me. I just stood there. I couldn't get my head around what he was saying.
He took a step forward towards me and I just turned and ran toward my house. Once I got there, I ran inside and locked all the doors. Once that was done I stayed put until Brandon got home.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Re-Wrire: Week 11 Theme

That's what happens when I think of you

That's what I do when you walk away

Why do you love me and then when things go bad you walk away? We love each other like siblings love their parents, but as soon as things go astray you walk away.

Love me
Hate me
Let me go

Love me
Hate me
Let me go

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 9 Theme (re-write)

I just walked past him today and was wondering to myself, why he would sunbath in that disgusting, nasty, gross pond? but whatever- I don’t judge. The next day I had to run into town to do a little shopping and run a few errands. On my way back, I noticed that it was the same guy in the pond as yesterday. Today I stopped and asked him why he’s sunbathing in this pond. He said to him it’s just a pond. One thing led to another and I stayed talking to this guy for like 3½ hrs. He asked me out and I accepted.
As I got ready to head out that afternoon, the phone rang. I normally don’t answer it when on the way out the door but something told me I should. “Hello” I said. “Hi, it’s me” the familiar vice of my best friend said into the phone. Have you heard of that new guy that has come into town? As I matter of fact I saw him yesterday by the pond at the end of Maple Street. My friend says “why do you think he’s here?” I don’t know but I was just going into town to do so thing s and then if I see him stop and ask. Talk with you later. Out the door I went to see if the pond was guy-free.

Week 11 Theme

I could not have seen the position of that meadow, with its flourish of green grass; birds circling in the air like vultures; a lonely girl that sits astray on meadow floors; a fire-engine red mustang that waits the unruffled rain; street signs all around with the bearing okay; blue sky eliminates the clouds of gray; a smidgen piece of rubber holds the handle tight; reaching for the key to unlock the fright; opening the shrill of a door there is no life except that friendless gold fish squaring off with that portly image of itself in that dusty old aged mirror.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 10 Theme

Saying the ending of my vows with the precious “I do”, I started to feel my heart race and my palms sweat. Tears are bountiful all around. She leaned in and kissed him. That brought back the memory of their first kiss.
(flashback)I had just fallen off of the swing-set and skinned my knee. I had tears running down my cheeks. This wonderful shadow cast all around me indicated that there was another soul lurking in the distance, I looked up with swollen eyes that were red and puffy. He knelt beside me and wiped away my tears. Children were all around us playing, but all I could do was stare into his eyes. He was saying something or asking me a question but all I did was turn and kiss him.
When I got done kissing this wonderful man that I now call my husband. I feel very happy and uplifting. This man has brought me so much joy and constant memories since I met him when I was 8 (eight). He is my life and family now. Just like he was when we first meet on that playground 12 years ago, when he wiped my tears away.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 9 Theme: Vignette

As I was walking home one day on my way home, I noticed something strange. I walk past this pond everyday, every year, and every season. Its summertime out now and the pond usually have fish, bugs, and animals hanging around it. Today, however, it had a person in it. This person was sunbathing in the sun, while lounging on an inflatable inner tube.
I just walked past him today and was wondering to myself, why he would sunbath in that disgusting, nasty, gross pond?, but whatever- I don’t judge. The next day I had to run into town to do a little shopping and run a few errands. On my way back, I noticed that it was the same guy in the pond as yesterday. Today I stopped and asked him why he’s sunbathing in this pond. He said to him it’s just a pond. One thing led to another and I stayed talking to this guy for like 3½ hrs. He asked me out and I accepted.
We went to the park and had a picnic dinner. It consisted of his families secret recipe for marinade that he made and grilled the steak in it, he also cooked mashed potatoes, corn, and for dessert I baked a many layered fruit dessert- with cool-whip on top! Days past and I ended up in that pond with him. It took him those days to convince me to get in the pond. I still today don’t know how I did it. We had a lazy day and decided to just SUNBATH. I was having these very strong feelings for this guy and I when I leaned in and kissed this wonderful guy, I instantly fell in………

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 8 Theme: The Vignette

Today is a bright blue sun-shining day and the breeze is consistent with the weather. I’m sitting at an outside picnic table trying like hell to finish a big project on the Highlights of Basketball. I was in the zone and this couple sits down on the other side of the table and starts yelling at one another. I look up and stare at them.
The guy notices me and makes an apologetic face and returns his attention to his lady friend. She is still yelling and starts to dis him. All of a sudden I start to hear a crying. I look up and neither adult is crying, and then the women picks up a baby from the baby carrier. She puts the baby up to her shoulder all while yelling at the guy.
I tried my hardest to concentrate. But could not so I started to pack up my stuff. The guy starts talking to me saying that “Don’t leave on our account, we’ll go somewhere else”. The women picks up the baby bottle and throw it at him as he was talking to me. He threw it back at her and so on. I felt bad for the baby that has to grow up in this environment. I grabbed my stuff and left.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week Seven Theme: Character

It takes me only 15 minutes to get from my house to her house. I take a couple left turns and a couple right turns (not all in that order), as I turn down on her road off of the main road I can see her house. I pull into the driveway and stare at this beautiful two-story white house. I get out of my car and when I shut the door I hear these voices getting louder. The two younger boys were playing outside. They come running over to me when they spotted me. I got two very large hugs and two wet kisses. I go up the steps and open the door.
I step inside the house and am greeted by this wonderful, bright, smart, and lively blonde headed women. She is in her late 30’s and has four kids and an amazing husband. I have been involved in her life since I meet her only daughter before we entered Kindergarten. I may not be her biological child but she thinks of me as one of her children. I think of her as my second mother. I can go to her for anything and everything.
One weekend I had been saying there. Her daughter (which is my best friend) and I were sitting on the couch, talking about the gossip that we had heard the past week. The two younger boys were playing outside. My second mom was surfing the Internet and listing in on our conversation. She would put in her two cents every once in a while or would tell us something that we haven’t heard yet. It was a great afternoon to share with my second mom and best friend.
The older of the two younger boys had done something to the youngest and the youngest came crying into the house. The mom asked what had happened and he told her in between sobbing breaths. She made him feel better by taking his mind off of his boo-boo. She kissed his boo-boo and told him to go back outside. She is always thinking on her feet and keeping the peace between the boys.
A couple of hours went by and the older boy had hit the younger boy with a rock (didn’t do damage, just stung the younger boy). The younger boy came running into the house screaming and crying. He was holding his right arm where the rock had hit him. The mom had asked what was wrong and the little boy told her. My best friend and I were standing behind her and heard what happened. She told me to go grab the older boy and told my best friend to grab an ice pack and towel.
I went outside to grab the older boy and he ran away from me. I chase him around the yard, but where I’m older than him I out smarted him and caught him by the side of the house. I toss him over my shoulder and took him inside. When I entered the house the younger boy was on the couch with his ice pack, my best friend was sitting with him selecting a TV show for him to watch. The mom was standing by the island in their house and was waiting for him. He didn’t want to go near her, so I gave him a little but of a push towards her. When he was seated she asked him “Why did you throw a rock at your little brother?” He didn’t answer her back. She asked the question again. When he refused to answer her, she had him stand up and she spanked his butt (no lightly either). He laughed at her and told her “it didn’t hurt me mom!” That just made her even madder. She though for a minute, and then moved toward the refrigerator.
She grabbed something off of the top of it and hit it behind her back. She came back over to where he was sitting and decided to give him one more chance to explain why he hit is brother with a rock. When he didn’t answer she showed him the bottle of Tabasco Sauce. He said, “No, no, no.” She said she didn’t care anymore because she gave him three chances to confess and he didn’t. She grabbed his jaw, made him stick out his tongue, and then she placed a medium sized amount of the sauce on his tongue. He swallowed it and made a weird face. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water to drink. His mother was right behind him and when he was done drinking, she spanked hit butt again. She yelled at him about not hitting his brother or anyone in this family (including me) and that he was being sent to his room for the remainder of the night. He could come down for dinner but that’s it.After he went upstairs and slammed his bedroom door, the mom checked on the younger brother. When he said he was fine, she went back on the computer and acted like nothing had happened at all. Told the father what had happened and then later that night pretended that nothing had happened when my best friends younger brother to her but older than the two younger boys asked why his brother was in his room crying.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 6 Theme: Place

What can anyone do on a nice summer afternoon when they are not busy? A number of things come to mind like, going swimming, hiking, taking a wilderness walk, and lots more. One of the most popular things to do on a summer day is to go to the park. The park is one of those places that tends to see miracles unfold. I sit in the park today, on my white blanket reading a book. I turn to lay on my side and decide to put my book down and watch the others in the park. I lay on my stomach now and this is what I see:
A beautiful and peaceful afternoon surrounded by sunshine and aromas that filled the bright blue sky. The grass underneath us all was a plush green, with little yellow flowers sprouting all around. I turn my head to the right and see this couple of teenagers making out on a black blanket listening to this heavy metal crap they call music. Behind them a little ways is a couple in there 20’s pulling items from a picnic basket. They were pulling out this plate of chicken wings, two champange glasses, a litter of soda, a blanded colored dessert (my guess: cheesecake), and a plate of french fries. They set everything up around them and as they eat they are snuggled into one another. Further from this addoring couple, is a coulple of kids playing baseball in there field they made for themselves. One of the boys gets up to hit the ball and when it comes right down the middle (looking like a strike from where I lay) he smashes the ball and it flies out of there pretend park and lands in the middle of someone’s food. The teenage girls that were tanning in the park had some food on a picnic table and that’s were the boys ball landed. Luckly to there surprise the girls didn’t notice so the boys snatched it real fast and queitly.
I look more to my left know and notice a beatiful thing: a mother, a father, and a child maybe 1½ yrs old playing. The parents were laughing and giggling along with this child. They were involved in there childs life and cared about what happens (to my surprise I watched them the longest, because I wanted to feel that sence of emotion that this child is receiving. I never got that from my dad- so even though I have two parents, I only feel that my mom is the only parent I have: my dad doesn’t care). As I finally turn my head to other parts of the park: I see animals and there owners playing and eating together, couples of people ranging in ages roaming the park or eating/ or just being with one another. I see families out today enjoying time with one another and older couples enjoying their grandchildren.I decided to lay on my back now and observe the clouds for a while as I still listen to the activities around me. I lay there watching the clouds and realize that I’m tuning out the others and listening to my inner self. I start to get a sence that someone is calling my name and I tune back in to whats going on around me and I do hear my name. I look up and to my surprise I see this gorgeous man walking towards me and hes dressed in uniform. My boyfriend is now standing in front of me, he has just returned home from combat and kisses me on the lips. After several minutes, we strech out on my white blanket and talk about everything. Then this girl walks by us and watches how we interact with one another and she also observes the others. Now I’m part of this park with a partner and not just a girl observing the park!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 5 Theme: Narrative a.k.a Story

It’s 4:30am on a Saturday morning and I could not sleep the night before. Why, could I not sleep? That’s an easy question: I couldn’t sleep because today is the Cheerleading State Championships at the Bangor Auditorium. Today is an exciting and sad day, as this is my last cheerleading competition as it’s my senior year.
It’s now 5:00am and I’m still not awake. I get into my car and still have my leopard print pj bottoms and white tank-top on. I put the car into drive and pull out of the driveway. I’m on my way to pick up my friend and fellow cheerleader. I get to her house and she’s still in her pj’s as well. Her mom hands us each a bag that is filled to there rims with breakfast munchies and drinks. She tells us good luck and that she will see us later that day. We get into my car and head to a cheerleaders house where we are meeting our coach to get our hair and make-up done.
It’s now 6:30am and all the girls have shown up and most of the parents. As we take turns getting our hair done, the rest of us either do our make-up or play with the two-year old that is running around. As the time is drawing near we all jump in our cars and head to the high school were we await our bus to take us to the auditorium. When we arrive at the high school the principle is there to let us in and give us all a pep speech. When he’s done with his speech he asks the four seniors to come stand with him. As we do he tells us that he is proud of the work that we have accomplished and that we should be very proud of the efforts that has brought our team this far. When he is done with that speech he hands us seniors a red rose and gives us a hug.
We arrive at the auditorium and sign in. The officials take us to a room and give us extensive instructions on what to do. We finish putting our uniforms on and fix our make-up. We put last minute touches to fix our hair and one last round of hair spray. We all file into a line and walk into the auditorium gym, where we place our bags on our designated bleacher space. We were instructed by our coach to either sit on the bleacher or go see the trainer if needed. When the announcer came over the P.A system letting us know that we can strech and start warming up our stunts, our coach gave us the thumbs up.
The competition started shortly after and all the teams got to perform. Some teams were better than others, our team did average. After the last team perform, we were instructed by one of the judges to stay in the gymnasium and the judges will be back shortly to give us the awards. All the cheerleaders in today’s competition gathered on the mats and played some cheering games. The music was blasting and we were all laughing. After a little while our coach gathered us in a hudle and gave us a speech of her own. She told us she was proud of us either way. She was also grateful to have awonderful squad and that she was going to miss us seniors. When we were hugging our coach the P.A system came on and the judge told everyone to have a seat. The awards were handed out and we unfourtently did not receive an award. We all said goodbye to our families and headed to our room to gather our stuff.
When in our room, a official came to our room and asked that all senior cheerleaders of todays competition please report to the auditorium. When we got there we were instructed to take a look around and remember what cheerleading was all about for us. Then we took a group shot and individual team shoots to put on a banner. Then we signed a blank banner that they would hang in the auditorium. We left on the bus and headed back to Bucksport. When there we were greeted by parents and the principle and was applauded. I got in my car and headed home, where I will cheerish that day forever. What a great day in the history of my senior year!